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We offer a complete array of business loans from Merchant Cash Advances to SBA Loans, Equipment Finance, and Real Estate Loans. Rates from 5.9% and funding up to $5M.

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Commercial Equipment Loans for Business Owners, Commercial Vehicle Owner-Operators, Fleet Transportation Companies, Service Managers and Dealers. Low rates and funding amounts up to $50M.

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We offer some of the most generous commercial and residential soft money, hard money, bridge funding and multifamily real estate loan programs nationwide.

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Founder of Atlanta Gold & Silver, Mr. Easton has been featured on nationally recognized news programs such Good Morning America. He is also a successful entrepreneur, leader within his industry and is a master precious metals merchant. After three requests for funding from the bank, Mr. Easton was not approved despite impeccable qualifications. Mr. Easton has been featured on local and national television shows such as Good Morning America. We were happy to receive a “yes” upon the initial request for funding.
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Small Business Loans Marketplace

Bad news. We get a lot of first-time clients because they go to inexperienced or limited experience consultants, brokers, or “jack-of-all trades” people that are ill-equipped to deal with the demands that the small business segment of the finance industry can place on a novice versus contacting a highly-trained and experienced Business Solutions & Services (BS&S) Small Business Expert.

Good News. As experienced small business experts – we can help you! There seems like there are not be enough words on the Google to emphasize these single two facts enough.

According to a U.S. Bank study, a staggering 82% of small businesses that fail do so due to cash flow problems.

Business Solutions & Services Unsecured Small Business Loans


1. Why work with BS&S Small Business Experts?

We have been told by many of our satisfied clients that we were able to provide extremely valuable unsecured small business financing at a time when they needed it the most. We can all agree that timing is everything and whether you are a business owner, real estate investor or commercial developer, having access to rapidly deployed capital when it’s truly needed is often the difference between maximum Return On Investment or perhaps no return at all. Maybe even more important is having the working capital at your disposal just as an unexpected business emergency arises is ideally when it is needed the most – is almost priceless. The small business experts at Business Solutions & Services are more than happy to help.

2. Cost effective:

More often than not it is much more beneficial for your business to work with someone that is experienced and has a proven-track record of producing results. Multiple clients have indicated that trying to find financing that actually produces working capital can be a job within itself. This combined with the day-to-day tasks of operating a profitable business can be challenging. It just makes more sense to do what you do best. For the entrepreneur that is running your business while one of the BS&S Online Business Experts does what we do best and that is the provide the best option to raise capital for your business.

3. Case Study: SBA Loan – Three Times Was A Charm:

For example, we were able to get a profitable business that had been denied SBA funding from his bank on 3 consecutive occasions the capital he needed upon our very first submission. After funding, he admitted that he did not believe that we would be able to get him funded because he had been denied on each occasion. There is an art to everything and raising capital for your business is not any different. This is one of the many benefits of working with seasoned BS&S Small Business Experts.

In a situation when business financing is needed without fail you want to work with a team of small business experts with the financial intelligence to provide highly proficient business strategies that yield positive results. With expertise spanning small business financing including Merchant Cash Advances, Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation Loans, Business Term Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans, Alternative SBA Credit Lines, Rollover for Small Business Startups (ROBS) 401k, and other options for business working capital.

4. Business Consulting and Guidance:

When it comes to funding, leasing or financing options to obtain business financing – whether it is regarding actual working capital, commercial equipment or for real estate, there are many options – dozens of choices – the question ultimately becomes which is best for you? We can easily help you make that determination by customizing a plan that is specifically tailored to your specific business profile. We have a database of completed transactions, pools of active business capital and financial relationships that all merge and this consolidation allows us to provide a host of premium services for our clients. Our objective is to get your business positioned so that we have every possible advantage to provide the best funding in the least time and with the best possible terms.

5. Are Your Silent Partners Small Business Experts?

As a business owner when you select a source of business funding that lender essentially becomes a silent business partner, to a certain extent. And like any business decision, the benefits of a good decision have a great Return-on-Investment (ROI). Many of our clients select BS&S Small Business Experts for this reason, another advantage gained by working with online business experts is that our successful business model is firmly seated on a “win-win” philosophy, which is beneficial to raising the capital needed to grow your business. We love working with our business partners because we contribute to what we feel is one of the greatest staples of any healthy community nationwide, and that is the small business owner. Simply put, if we are not able to get you the funding you need, you don’t win – nor do we. If for whatever reason your business does not receive funding, we do not receive compensation for the transaction. Period. Close only counts in horseshoes. Therefore, we have multiple levels of interest in the success of each round of your funding. However, when we obtain the funding that our partners need to grow their business – we all win!

6. Funding With No Established Business Credit:

Another perk that BS&S Small Business Experts provide is protection against needless denials or low funding amount approvals because your business was not presented in the best possible light. With our assistance, it is highly unlikely for a healthy business, even if it’s a startup (a business operating for more than four months) or a good real estate deal to get declined even if you’re a first-time investor or first-time business owner-occupant.

One of the most popular business financing options for entrepreneurs today are revenue-based funding programs for companies with new business credit, no business credit and challenged personal or business credit situations. Essentially, “no credit check” funding options upon demand are available motivated business owners seeking very valuable working capital when time may be of the essence.

Business Solutions & Services Commercial Equipment Financing

7. Commercial Equipment Financing and Leasing for owner-operators, transportation companies, dealers and service managers typically funding from $10k to $10M and BS&S Small Business Experts offer funding options for the best and most challenging credit scenarios.

Case Study: Semi-tractor & Trailer $42,000 Refinance with Tax Delinquency [No Money Down]

This business owner had a great business but it was new and the owner-operator had a low credit score. We were able to get  and exception for the tax issue and an approval with no money down and funded within a few days. The owner was able to buy a second truck and hire his first driver. He was elated and admitted that he would not have gotten any funding without our help, which is extremely humbling but more important we were able to create another job and grow his business.

Case Study: Mississippi Dually Transport Company Funded $2500 No Biz Credit

This was a fast business funding deal where the owner needed some funding quickly so that he could take advantage of a business opportunity and minor repair.

Case Study: 3 School Buses Purchased for $78k with 500 Credit and No Money Down

Business Solutions & Services Small Business Experts have funded a Missouri Transportation Company where the principal’s personal credit was poor, no established business credit, no existing fleet lines of credit but the business was healthy and there were some other vehicles that were owned free and clear. The owner some new contracts to fulfill and had a funding commitment from another equipment lender that informed them a few days before their scheduled delivery that they were denied. He contacted a BS&S Small Business Expert and explained that he needed commercial equipment funding within a few days. We were able to use some of the existing vehicles within his inventory as collateral and we funded the deal within a few days to complete the purchase of the additional buses.

Commercial Equipment Loans offering funding for hundreds of types of equipment including but not limited medical equipment, restaurant equipment, production equipment, agricultural equipment, construction equipment and transportation equipment.


Business Solutions & Services Real Estate Loans


8. Case study: $1.6M Commercial Construction Line-of-Credit

Real estate funding options for investors and business owners ranging from hard money real estate loans to soft money real estate loans for residential investment real estate and commercial real estate. Bridge funding, cash out refinancing, new construction loans, investor fix and flip loans, construction lines-of-credit, bulk real estate, real estate portfolio funding, builder and developer spec loans.

Case study: 3-Day Close

There are primarily two reasons clients contact us: they are in a hurry to get funded or there is a reason why traditional financing is not their best option. They realize that working with us essentially allows them to on average receive a response from up to 47 different funding options with just a single funding request. Saving time by receiving a rapid response so that key decisions can be made after it is clear what their options are.

If you have a situation where time is of the essence or you would like to receive a swift decision it is highly recommended that you complete a funding request to receive a decision within minutes.

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