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In our day and age of get-rich-quick schemes and “magic pills”, it’s easy to discount the journey people and businesses go through. By romanticizing #success, we learn and gain nothing.  Source:

The word "presentation" can evoke feelings of dread for speakers and boredom for their audiences. Nancy Duarte, author and co-founder of Duarte Designs, shares ways to keep your #pitch engaging. @nancyduarte @startupsco  #startups Source:

The secret to cultivating a kickass #startupculture? Build the company you would want to work at. Then find people that feel the same way. Then hire them. Then keep going – together. @adii @startupsco  Source:

Marketing that does not look like #Marketing: The La Croix story "Insiders know that the La Croix marketing program is a true case of Story, Strategy, and Systems at work" Source: