Biz Start-Up


Raise capital for your business start-up by using your 401(k)/IRA with no tax penalty under the guidance from BS&S expert.

The Power of Rollover for Business Startups: Fund your dream business with your retirement capital

Our exceptional 401(k) business financing service enable us to aid entrepreneurs in getting the funding their small business or franchise needs. A growing financial tool like Rollovers for Business Startups (ROBS) allows you to invest your funds from an eligible retirement account and redirect them into a start-up business, independent company or franchise. This option eliminates the process of raising capital or requesting taxable distributions. It doesn´t matter what your intention is, whether it is to start a new project, buy an established company, or grow your current business, it all can be achieved with a capital infusion from ROBS.

simply visual overview of the robs 401k roi
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