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Commercial Vehicle & Truck Leases

When renting becomes a poor business investment, turn to BS&S for your truck, trailer or commercial vehicle lease. Leasing is by far one of the best financing options and understated business choices to obtain one, ten or fifty or more vehicles within the transportation industry.  Whether a single owner or fleet owner or operator, businesses are choosing the lease option time and time again for many reasons, most notably:

Sale and Leaseback: a great way to get the ideal vehicle, while leveraging your business funding, which will save money that can be redirected back into your business to increase revenues.

Repair Loans: we can assist you in getting funds for any unpredicted repair bills or maintenance expenses that may be required for your vehicle maintenance such as an engine rebuild, major repair, or transmission overhaul.

Refinancing: as with refinancing a home we can help you monetize existing equity in equipment that you already have, and you’ll receive a deposit directly into your account.  Whether funding is needed to acquire additional inventory, take advantage of a business opportunity or to handle an unexpected expense – BS&S can help you assess the value of your fleet, truck or trailer.

Trade In and Trade Up: there may be an opportunity to get a newer or better truck or commercial vehicle, there’s no better time than now to trade in and trade up.  Let the BS&S team help you trade in and trade up for a newer vehicle without incurring hefty penalties.  We are experts at assisting clients with the transition from one vehicle to next, with no money out of pocket and that increases your return on investment.

Tax Advantage: establishing an operating lease will allow you to write off the payments since they are used as a pre-tax expense, which could save your money on taxes and helps your credit.

Fixed Payments: differs from a bank loan where the interest rates fluctuate and causing your payments to change, a lease is structured with a fixed payment and term to maintain your control over equipment costs and monthly budgets.

Flexible Credit Underwriting: unlike conventional banks, leasing industry loaners often use credit only as one of the aspects considered when reviewing the funding request. Industry experience and asset type are just some additional things taken into consideration when underwriting an equipment request.

Trust BS&S to provide you with lease financing for new or used equipment.

Regardless of where you are purchasing the truck or trailer; from a major dealer or a private seller, we will help you with your truck leasing needs.

Don’t just trust anyone with your business – trust the experts.

The premier truck loan specialists.


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