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Despite any current situation or credit history, we at BS&S will always attend your story and work thoroughly to come through for you even when everyone else says, “No.”  We do not have the “traditional banking philosophy,” and we are truly happy when you are approved and funded. We routinely receive positive credit decisions from clients who have deals that are fundable. Our dedicated team has the knowledge, not only about business financing, but also of the transportation industry as well, and we are at your service 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Spend a second to finish the PDF application or our super easy funding request, which makes it convenient for you to e-sign on any device.  Begin now so that you can get funded at the Speed of Business with BS&S!

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It has probably never been easier to get business, real estate or commercial equipment funding that it is right now. Easily complete our simple online funding request from any device, and within minutes we’ll immediately start working on approval. Our team members are constantly working, are on call to promptly respond follow-up to your requests and will personally contact you.

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Simple PDF Application

Feel free to download and complete the quick application and return via email or fax and receive immediate attention, based on your request. It’s just that simple! A BS&S team member will immediately begin processing your funding request, day or night, upon receipt.  A well-trained team member is always willing to help and is only a phone call, chat message or email away!

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