For Brokers

With BS&S, all broker-partners are protected. Other partners include accounts, financial advisors, financial planners, conventional real estate mortgage professionals, real estate agents and traditional financial institutions.

In this rapidly changing and fast-paced market tax and mortgage professionals could benefit from additional streams of revenue.

Since the fluctuation of the current market, it’s advisable for tax professionals and mortgage brokers to explore new revenue streams. At BS&S, we offer commercial mortgage funding and add a division to your business and company without extra cost. We have collaborated with many of financial advisors and professionals across the country and have removed the worry from the process regarding the safety of being compensated for referral fees. Send prospects to us and let our team close the loan. With BS&S?s Referral Agreements, your referral fee is protected from day one.

BS&S has the most competitive and some of the most generous referral fees within the industry. Take advantage of a resource that is an additional revenue stream for our existing referral partners and could be for you or your organization as well.


Now there are two ways to register to be a new broker for BS&S:

1.) Simply call (888) 458-9993 ext. 701, to leave your information and we will contact you right away.
2.) Simply email us at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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